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Liberal Arts Summer Courses

Been at Penn State a semester or more? Here are some reasons why taking Liberal Arts courses in the Summer Session will be the right choice for you:

  • Get ahead in your program
  • Catch up on missed requirements or incomplete credits
  • Linger over an idea and enjoy individual attention in smaller classes
  • Focus on a challenging class
  • Tackle prerequisites for fall semester classes
  • Take classes that fill up fast during fall and spring semesters
  • Take summer classes and save time to do your internship in the fall or spring when there is less competition for internships

Introducing the MayMester!

Maymester courses begin on May 6 and end on June 3.

  • Maymester allows you to still have ample time during the summer to look for summer jobs and internship opportunities
  • Catch up on your course work while accelerating towards your degree completion
  • Catch up on missed requirements or incomplete credits
  • If you were intending to graduate in the spring but were pulled at the last minute due to a missing course requirement, Maymester offers you the opportunity to complete that requirement and finish by early June

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